Dog Molar Chew Toy

Type: Other

Chew toys easily ripped and frayed when your dog gets aggressive? These multi-colored molar chew toys are going to be your ideal solution. Each toy comes with spikes that awesomely strengthen teeth. You will also love the aesthetic of this pastel colored toy too.This is your perfect answer to your dog chewing up important items like your wardrobe or furniture as well.

All pet parents have been confronted with the puppy dog eyes after finding their chewed up shoes and ripped up pillows, we've been there! Tackle the issue headfirst and get your pup these adorable molar toys. They come in adorable bright pastel colors and a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your pup. Save yourself the heartbreak fo destroyed shoes and pamper your pup with these toys!

Type: Dogs

Material: Other

Toys Type: Chew Toys