Purified Water Fountain


Your pet will love drinking fresh filtered water from this fountain. Many pets, especially cats, prefer to drink from a moving water source, and fresh water is important for any pet. This fountain uses a sensor to detect your pet and get the water moving. It uses a cotton filter to remove impurities so your pet always has fresh, clean drinking water. It is suitable for cats or small to medium size dogs and comes in a range of colors to fit your decor.

Project Type: Pet Fountain

Capacity: 1200ML

Size: length 17cm; width 12cm; height 13cm

User: For small medium and dogs and other pets

Function: self-water supply; Radar induction; Circulating water supply; Filter water quality

Color: White, blue, pink, green, beige

includes: 1 * USB powered pet fountain, 1* Filter Cotton


1. This product uses the mute design very quiet

2. The radar model has a radar sensing mode that automatically sprays water when the cat is near the fountain, and stops spraying when the cat leaves.

3. There is filter cotton to filter impurities in the water.

4. Automatically circulate leaving the water with more oxygen.

5. The pump has a regulating valve that adjusts the water spray speed according to your needs.

Notes: Place the radar sensor module outside the water tank and do not soak it in the water.